Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Contest Winners: RF3 Earphones, SPY Mouse HD, SugarSync, Modern Combat 3, GarageBand

If there’s one thing TiPb loves even more than iPhones and iPads, it’s giving cool iPhone and iPad accessories and apps to our awesome readers. This week we have… RF3 LIVE Natural Wood Stereo Earphones Dionte Love Courtesy of the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store SPY Mouse HD...

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Engadget's holiday gift guide 2011: docks

Welcome to the Engadget Holiday Gift Guide! We're well aware of the heartbreaking difficulties surrounding the seasonal shopping experience, so we're here to help you sort out this year's tech treasures. Below is today's bevy of curated picks, and you can head back to the Gift Guide hub to see the rest of the product guides as they're added throughout the holiday season.
'Tis the season to go shopping and slightly broke! Unless you're living off the grid, you can't escape the marketing merriment amping up the arrival of that most wonderful time of the year. You know, the one where loved ones run themselves ragged skipping from store to store in an attempt to find the perfect gift that just screams, "I care," and costs a pretty penny, too. Well, we know things can get hectic and the options overwhelming, but for the music aficionado in your family, you can't really go wrong with a speaker dock. Let's face it, even Great Aunt Eddie's rockin' a portable media player these days. So, why not help her get up off the couch, out of her mind and into a living room hoedown with a wall of MP3 sound? Lucky for you, we've whittled down the dizzying array of digital audio offerings into a handy guide fit for the frugal and lavish alike. Need a little inspiration? Then head on past the break to peruse the goods and get psyched for that onslaught of holiday cheer.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Samsung Wave 3 crashes onto French shores

Samsung's new Bada flagship has just docked into our illustrative French port. Announced back in the summer, the Wave 3 arrives on the refreshed Bada 2.0 OS, powered by a 1.4GHz processor and packing a four-inch 800 x 480 Super AMOLED display. Storage matches the watery iteration, with 3GB of memory baked-in, with expansion possible through microSD. Meanwhile, an auto-focus five megapixel shooter will do its best to fill all that space. Not content with France (where Bada-powered handsets have established a niche fanbase), the HSPA-connected smartphone is also penned to hit Germany, Russia and Italy before the end of the year.

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PSA: Nokia reiterates Drive isn't coming to Windows Phone Marketplace

There seems to be a bit of confusion about Nokia Drive's future in the Windows Phone Marketplace. News of its impending arrival -- for a price -- was originally tweeted by a third-party and then re-tweeted by Nokia India. Sadly, we're told this was all just a mistake. We originally reached out to Espoo's finest to confirm the story, and well, we met a giant brick wall in the process. According to the company's media relations department, "Nokia Drive comes pre-installed on our Nokia Lumia range and there are currently no plans to make it available for Windows Phone based devices from other OEMs." It's a heartbreaker, indeed, but the crew at Navigon can certainly breathe a sigh of relief -- for the time being.

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Sony Tablet P on sale in the UK, brings hefty price tag with it

Android Central

The clamshell Sony Tablet P has found its way out into the wild in the UK, bringing to market with it a hefty pricetag just a penny under £500. 

The Tegra 2, dual 5.5 inch screened device brings Honeycomb 3.2 along for the ride. It also comes with Sony's Playstation certification much like its sibling, the more conventional Tablet S. Sony claims that the styling will make it more comfortable to hold sideways for reading books, but many would be put off by its unusual design. 

Besides the price, Sony's timing to launch the Tablet P now with the Asus Transformer Prime and its Ice Cream Sandwich flavouring right around the corner is quite baffling. Nevertheless, if the Tablet P appeals to you, your local Sony Centre or Dixons online is the place to go. 

Source: Sony

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Adblock Plus developer pokes holes in Mozilla's new add-on performance tests

Wladimir Palant, developer of the most popular add-on in the world, Adblock Plus, is also an active contributor to the Planet Mozilla blog community. Over the last few days, in response to Mozilla's new name and shame list of slow add-ons, Palant has been investigating whether Mozilla's testing methods are actually accurate.

Rather surprisingly, it turns out that Mozilla's numbers could be significantly wrong -- and if they're not wrong, the factors that Mozilla uses to tabulate an add-ons final score should definitely be made more transparent.

In the first set of tests, Palant shows that FlashGot's position in the top 10 is probably due to a fault in Mozilla's testing setup, and that add-ons can perform very differently depending on which operating system they're being tested on. In the second analysis, Palant uncovers an irregularity that doesn't seem to have an obvious cause -- but it could be due to an I/O bottleneck on Mozilla's test machines. Basically, even though performance testing of Read It Later is disabled because of a bug, it still (somehow!) manages to record a 14% slow-down on Windows 7.

Palant concludes both analyses by scolding Mozilla for going public with the performance data before its testing methods had been confirmed accurate. It definitely looks like Mozilla has been more than a little reckless, considering the importance of Firefox's add-on ecosystem.

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Dreamjet's Artist Printing Kiosk Spits Out Custom Phone Cases [Cases]

They're never as cheap as online solutions, but there's something to be said for the immediate gratification you get from automated kiosks. And now custom smartphone cases can be added to the list of things you can buy from a machine. More »

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Daily Apps: Perfect365, Christmas Wishes, Triple Entendre, The Birth of Jesus Christ in Pictures, Whatto

Perfect365: Are you curious to see what you?d look like with different styles? Always think that you can look better in photos? Make a change! Create new looks with Perfect365 that provides the ability of touching up and making up. [$1.99 for iPhone - App Store link] Christmas...

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Panasonic plans to go forth with Android to all of Europe this spring, North America is a definite maybe

Have you been hoping to experience a Panasonic boom up close and personal, but found yourself in the wrong locale? The Japanese electronics giant wants to change all of that by expanding its Android lineup to Europe and North America, according to Nikkei. The company's said to be in talks with a "major telecommunications firm" in Europe to bring several devices to the continent as early as this spring, and is aspiring to eventually make it to North America and other Asian countries. This lines up with last week's rumors that it was seeking out a PR agency to help spread the news when the time's right. Might we expect Panasonic to make a mobile splash at CES or MWC in a major way? It's going to be exhibiting at both, so we'd say there's a pretty good chance.

Panasonic plans to go forth with Android to all of Europe this spring, North America is a definite maybe originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 26 Nov 2011 19:40:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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